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5 Features of the Shark Cloud Slides

Our Shark Cloud Slides are one of the trendiest shoes of the year! Not only are they easy to slip on and off, they come in different colors so that you can style them with any look you want and match them to your personality! They're great to wear in the warmer months because they allow air to flow through the front of your slides and keep your foot more refreshed. In the colder months, they make for the perfect indoor slides to wear around your house or in other settings. They have taken social media by storm and our customers are loving these amazing slides. We have gathered a list of 5 great reasons why you should take action and see why so many love these slides. Scroll to take a peek as to why!
COMFORTABLE MATERIAL: Our Shark Cloud Slides are made of high-density EVA material. This allows them to be lightweight, flexible, waterproof, and durable so you can wear them every day with ease. It is important for you to have shoe options that will last a long time.
SUPER NON-SLIP SOLE:  You don't have to worry about slipping on pool decks or bathrooms with the Shark Cloud Slides! They feature a thickened rubber sole with a deep anti-slip texture design that provides great friction and just the right amount of support as you walk, preventing you from slipping or falling. The sole is also 4 cm tall, giving you a height boost wherever you go.
COMFORT ON YOUR FEET: The open-toed, backless slides are ergonomically shaped for a better fit. The insole is surrounded by a raised EVA material to provide stability as you walk, providing you comfort for all-day wear. The bottom teeth on the front of the slides add another layer of security as your feet can not hang off of the slides. The single strap is thick to prevent sliding but still allows you to walk with ease.
UNIQUE DESIGN: These slides take walking in style to a whole new level. The eye-catching shark design is unique and has become trendy over the past few months. People from all over the world have taken interest in the Shark Cloud Slides and have made the purchase to enjoy them all year round.
SUITABLE FOR ALL OCCASIONS: Shark slides can be worn indoors and outdoors, whether at home, at the beach, while fishing, swimming, at the gym, in the shower, walking the town, at a festival or party, etc. They are suitable for any age or gender and will bring you great comfort. These fun shark slippers have also made for the perfect gift! They are great to match with your best friend, your significant other, children, or parents. The Shark Cloud Slides would make for a great gift on occasions like a birthday or at Christmas.