Top 5 Trending Shark Cloud Slides For The Summer – Shark Cushion Slides

Top 5 Trending Shark Cloud Slides For The Summer

This summer is all about the hottest trends, one of them being the Shark Cloud Slides! Not only are they comfortable, they are stylish too! We have 11 colors that will suit different personalities and outfit combinations. Although there are a lot of colors to choose from, we’ve gathered a list of the top selling Shark Cloud Slides that our customers can't get enough of. Scroll for some inspiration on your next purchase!
1. Gray Shark Cloud Slides
The color grey represents neutrality and balance and can invite these emotions into your life. Grey also is a neutral color that goes well with a variety of outfit options. All genders have enjoyed the benefits of this great color that our Shark Cloud Slides come in. No wonder why this is one of our best sellers!
2. Pink Shark Cloud Slides

The Pink Shark Cloud Slides are definitely a hit! The fresh color paired with the shark design is a great combination. Many choose to purchase additional pairs of Shark Cloud Slides when they are initially interested in our Pink Slides as they make for a great gift or matching pair for you and your significant other, BFF, or family member. The blue, grey, and purple Shark Cloud Slides are the most common pairings.

3. Yellow Shark Cloud Slides

The Yellow Shark Cloud Slides bring light and happiness to those around them! This happy, youthful color is one of our favorites. They are perfect for the summertime or even to cheer you up indoors on a gloomy winter day. These slides bring smiles to the faces around them and they truly stand out with their vibrance. Pair these slides with your bathing suit at the beach, or with blue jeans and fun colored accessories.

 4. Black Shark Cloud Slides

You can never go wrong with black colored, well, anything! Alongside white, black is a very neutral color that's loved by all genders and ages. You will never have to worry about your slides not matching your outfit. The added bonus to the Black Shark Cloud Slides is that if you were to get them dirty, the color will camouflage it.  Black is a sleek, flattering color and we highly recommend this slide.

 5. Blue Shark Cloud Slides

The beautiful Blue Shark Cloud Slides rightfully sit on this list of best sellers. The classic color is fresh and is associated with nature and the ocean- where a shark belongs! This is another example of a slide that is loved by all genders and ages. People who purchase the Blue Shark Cloud Slides also purchase at least one other slide color, typically the Pink or Dark Green Shark Cloud Slides. Purchase a matching pair for your best friend, sibling, or partner!

So there you have it- although all 11 colors are fantastic, our best sellers have something extra special to them. See for yourself what all the hype is about and make your purchase today! Fall in love with our Shark Cloud Slides and walk on a cloud.