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About us

A great businessman is someone who realizes the market demand & supply gap, innovates, and fulfills customer demands! Well, some people might have just heard these words, but I have lived them throughout my life. Generations of my family have always been into operating and managing businesses, but usually the mainstream ones! I, on the other side, of course, believed in taking the family’s legacy forward but wished to deliver a unique proposition and venture into an online marketplace. 

Observation, innovation, and uniqueness were the three things that I always looked out for, in my surroundings. I was a keen observer and loved to notice people, their behavioral patterns, and especially their buying habits. 

My younger brother, Jacob, was extremely fond of footwear. Casual sneakers, slip-on, boots, oxfords, moccasins, active sandals, and sports shoes, he had multiple pairs of almost all of these, in his closet. But one thing which always enticed me was that he always wore sliders the most. Sliders, for him, were like that black t-shirt that we always wear even when our wardrobe is stuffed with a variety of clothes! Out of curiosity when I asked him the reason, he mentioned that he loved sliders as they are easy to put on and take off, are lightweight, anti-skid, non-slip, breathable, and goes well with all sort of informal attires. 

A little research evoked my interest in the footwear market. I discovered that Americans, on average, contribute over half of the global footwear retailers, distributors, and producers. The US imports more than 2.4 billion shoes every year, and around one-fifth of the revenue comes from online footwear purchasing. The country is certainly a leader among footwear consuming countries.

I made up my mind to venture into the online footwear business and got along with Jacob, who had a diverse understanding of Rubber slides. After due contemplation, constant research, and discussions, we planned to introduce “Shark Cushion Slides”. The basic idea was to bring a unisex product and target a wider market that relies on comfortable footwear. The major component is rubber, which was traditionally related to surfing, beachwear, or hot weather footwear, but is now largely preferred both indoors and outdoors. The market is driven by youngsters who seek comfort, trend, variety, and uniqueness, but rubber slides also reduce discomfort and provide coolness, thus being a great choice f`or people of all ages. We used a unique shark’s face style design which is funky, attractive and keeps the child within us alive. It also symbolizes shark’s features such as power, protection, movement, efficiency, and innovation, which we have incorporated in our slides. 

At “Shark Cushion Slides”, we aim to produce and deliver foot-safe products that are great for various occasions. Rubber almost suits all sensitive foot types and keeps bruises, blisters, heel pain, or other foot deformities away. Whether you are on your way to swimming, beach, fishing, or a bath at home, these slides will fit in well. Minimal stitching, curved edges, and thick sole ensure that you don't face challenges while walking long distances or standing for long periods. We are bridging the gap between the humongous demand for comfortable multi-purpose slides, and the lack of durable products supply. Join us in our quest, buy these for your partner, friends, colleagues, children, or yourself, and let your feet enjoy unmatched styling on the go!

Would you like to know more about us? Reach out to us at : info@sharkcushionslides.com or (716) 226-1705